Penyusuan susu ibu selepas 6 bulan

For some babies, delaying solids longer than six months can be a good thing; for example, some doctors may recommend delaying solids for 12 months if there is a family history of allergies.

Susu Ibu selepas 6 bulan

Re: exclusive long?
When my DD was 6 months we tried solids, mashed banana, but she wasnt interested. At 9 months she was still not ready, at 12 months she was still about 99% ebf with just a few bites of solids. She didnt really start being interested till she was 15 months old. She didnt start eating 3 meals a day until she was 22 months and I was pg with DS and my milk dried up

All the time she was ebf she continued to grow and thrive. She taught herself to eat finger foods, I never did the mushy food stage.

DS is almost 6 months now. He has been watching me eat with increasing interest for a few weeks now. We will be getting ready to try soon.

I would relax and let your DC take the lead. Breastmilk is definately the optimal food for as long as its needed.

I exclusively breastfed for 12 months. I have a cousin who went for 14 months. It's totally normal and your supply will match the demand. You should check into the idea of baby led weaning, which is where you skip the "normal" baby food plan and let her eat from your plate when she's ready. Good luck

I BF'ed exclusively for 7 months and she is 19 months now. I'm still BF'ing 2x day. My pedi was supportive. My daughter was over 50% in everything, healthy and a good eater so I didn't really see the need to introduce solids. I was concerned about allergies and all of the various toxins etc in food today. There is nothing better then breastmilk! My daughter is a great eater now! I think that is because of all of the different tastes she experienced through my breat milk. She eats pretty much anything I give her and she is in the 55% weight and 85% height. Oh and no allergies!

My daughter will be 1 in a couple weeks. I EBF her until 7.5 months, when I started introducing solids (she was showing interest in it). However, she didn't start liking solids until approx 9 months or so, so I didn't push it. She now likes solids, and feeds herself from the tray in front of her. I only give her fresh organic food that I cook myself. I also give her organic oatmeal for the extra iron and the fiber, but I don't think babies absorb as much of the iron from oatmeal as they do from your own breatmilk. However, this is in addition to me breastfeeding her. I still BF her as much as before. I have no idea when she'll start nursing less... We'll see. We'll play it by ear...

Anas Demam Kali ke-3

Memang mencabar..utk bagi baby exclusive breasfeed..Anak saya 10 bulan. Ada campur makanan tapi tak tetap. Mcam2 cabaran yang terpaksa dilalui. Semalam dia demam..nie kali ke-3 dia demam. Isnin lepas saya hantar dia ke Taska, dia tak nak menyusu melalui botol..maklum tempat baru. Sebelum ini hantar BS. Pengasuh Taska kata bagi makan sbb dia tak susu, saya kata bolehlah kalau nak bagi bubur kosong yang blend. Tapi dia bagi bubur yang ada sayur. Dua malam anak saya kembung perut dan berak2 pada waktu 2 dan 4 pagi. Keesokan harinya demam pulak. Semalam saya pesan tak nak bagi makan dulu, masa nak ambik memang pengasuh taska kata tak minum susu dan makan (tapi semalam saya hantar separuh hari aje 2-5 ptg aje), saya diam aje tapi masa nak balik saya kata anak saya memang susah susu, tapi sebelum ini dah dua kali masa nak tumbuh gigi, dia tak nak minum susu kat rumah dan BS, tapi alhamdulliah tak demam dan masuk angin. Moga2 ada hikmah sebalik demam, sebab nak teruskan penyusuan eksekutif tanpa makanan. Saya nak tanya ada tak sape yang eksekutif breasfeed (w/o solid food) sehingga 2 tahun ini, yang berkerja? Maklumlah kalau kita bekerja cabaran lagi besar, sebab memerlukan bantuan BS, Taska atau orang lain ungtuk tolong jagakan anak kita. Mereka mesti pelik kalau baby tak makan lagi..selepas 6 bulan.....macam2 sindiran? tajam jugak? Macamana nak buat? Ada sape2 nak share?